hey y’all! Are you thinking about proposing or getting engaged?? If so, CONGRATS!✨and also, you’re gonna need a gorgeous ring! DUH! You may as well save some cash and get your special someone one that looks bougie but sooo doesn’t break the bank haha check out the rings linked below and shown in this video if you want to absolutely fall in love with the perfect piece of proposal jewelry! And of course, keep my (aka my husband’s) proposal tips & tricks in mind when the big day comes! I hope you enjoy!💕Be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below! I LOVE to hear your feedback! Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave! Y’alls support is always so so appreciated🤗 *NEW videos every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (and usually Saturdays, too!) @ 2 pm EST! ♡ xoxo _____ Products Mentioned: Brillianteers – Majestic in White Gold – Callista in White Gold – Ring Box – Proposal Tip #1 Get a small ring box to store the ring in right before you propose! It’s easier sneak it into your pocket than the bulky ones they come in. Proposal Tip #2 Have photos taken! Professional or not, you and your soon-to-be spouse will be so thankful to have this big moment & favorite memory captured! Proposal Tip #3 Keep the proposal speech short & sweet – you’re already going to be nervous enough! Don’t make it harder on yourself. Plus, your significant other probably won’t remember most of what you said anyway lol _____ ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA : instagram: ♡ for any business inquiries, please email us at [email protected] ♡ _____ ♡ Get $90 off HOME CHEF MEALS! Get $20 off your first Uber Eats order of $25 or more. 🌟Use my code at checkout: eats-shannono1263ue — Become a Fabletics VIP for the BEST ACTIVEWEAR! Get your first BOOK OF THE MONTH BOOK for under $10!! _____ ♡ Discount Codes: Use code my code at checkout on all to of these amazing sites: – InstaCart: USE CODE “SANDERSEN39B1AA” FOR $10 OFF + FREE DELIVERY! – – FabFitFun: GET $10 OFF YOUR FIRST FABFITFUN BOX WITH CODE “ANDERSEN10” – – Momentary Ink Tattoos: GET 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WITH CODE “SHANYT” – – Pumpkin & Spice Skincare: GET 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER WITH CODE “SHANNON15” – – Zinff Eyewear: GET 50% OFF FRAMES & 15% OFF LENSES WITH CODE “ANDERSEN” – -LenSmartOnline: GET 20% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “SHANNON20” – -Alleyoop Beauty: GET 10% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “SHANNON10” – -Maven Thread: GET 15% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “ANDERSEN15” – – Cocoa & Eve: GET 10% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “SHANNON” – – Hip Optical Glasses: GET $10 OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “SHANNON10” – – TEAMI Blends: get 25% off with code “FOMO25” – – MYK Silk Pillowcase – GET 15% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “SHANNON15” – – Bristles Brushes: “MAKEUPFOMO” – get 15% off – – PUR Cosmetics: “MAKEUPFOMO” – get 20% off – – Adept Cosmetics: “MAKEUPFOMO” – get 20% off – – Be Pure Beauty: GET 15% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “MAKEUPFOMO” – – Espionage Cosmetics: GET 10% OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE “MAKEUPFOMO” – _____ ♡ Thank you SO MUCH to Brillianteers for sponsoring this video! Of course, as always, all thoughts & opinions are my own. I would never promote something I don’t personally love! Also, some links may be affiliate links. Thank you so much if you choose to shop through these links!!💕 _____ AFFORDABLE ENGAGEMENT RING GUIDE + PROPOSAL TIPS || stunning budget-friendly engagement rings #engagementring #ring #jewlery #expensivejewlery #weddingrings #engagement #proposal #marriageproposal #proposaltips #engagementringguide #affordablerings #affordablejewlery #howtopropose #proposaladvice #gettingengaged #jewleryonabudget #proposingonabudget #brillianteers #ad #sponsored #shannonandersen

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  1. best tips! especially the photographer taking pictures of the moment and engagement photo afterwards! that is brilliant

  2. I have been stressing, and been to every jewelry store, I can find, for over 5months now. Then I found your video. thank you soooo much, I can finally sleep in peace now. here, Have a subscription.

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